Hello JUICED. Fam my name is Andy and I’m a top ranking J4 member and Social Media Creative Content Lead for JUICED. When I signed up at the beginning I was blown away about how much passion and love Nick has for his members and for the brand. His passion has driven me to find my new skill and passion for graphic design. Everyday while I’m making new edits for our JUICED. family I am working on my craft to make sure it’s over the top and makes a statement. When I got introduced to J5 Vic my life had changed for the best. His motivation and passion has driven me to think outside the box and do the unthinkable. My passion for cars just started when I got my 2017 Hyundai Veloster. Growing up I’ve had many career opportunities not work out due to my stutter. I’m forever great full to Nick and Vic for giving me this opportunity to show my strengths and my new found passion to everyone! WE ARE JUICED. 

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