Hey team, thanks for visiting our page. - My name is Nick and I am the Founder and President of JUICED.! My passion for cars began many years ago and can be largely attributed to my parents own love for cars. I was raised working on my dad’s IROC Z28 and my mom’s Mustang GT Cobra. These experiences ignited a passion for all things automotive within me and sparked my interest to learn whatever I could about what’s under the hood and later how manipulations can transform a build when executed properly. Expanding my knowledge of cars through talking about and working on builds owned by friends and family alike turned into buying and modifying a handful of my own cars in my late teens and early twenties. These days, I am a proud business owner and down to earth guy who likes to get my hands dirty and create products for other car enthusiasts the world over. My goal is to continue to grow JUICED. and to have this brand be representative of a family community filled with members who have a pure love for cars and a passion for elevating their own creative automotive style.

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© JUICED. 2020
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