Promotional tier system with free merchandise provided by JUICED.

15% Brand Ambassador Discount on all merchandise and custom orders

10% Personal Discount code for friends, family etc.

Custom introductory sponsorship announcement on Instagram

Constant exposure via story sharing and shout outs to build your following

No monthly required purchases to maintain sponsorship

Sponsorship Requirements

Brand Representation

$29.95 purchase of merchandise to include but not limited to the following:

                                                                                                Vinyl decal or banner x 1

                                                                                                Shirt or hat/beanie x 1

Social Media

Follower count of 800 minimum

In a technological driven society it is no surprise that social media exposure plays a large factor in the success of a brand. Here at JUICED. we look at how that situation can benefit more than just our brand. How can we help our ambassadors. So along with active social media posts via Instagram showcasing our merch JUICED. and its senior members support our brand family through constant post sharing. Lets face it the reality of it is without support from both sides no one makes it. That is largely where we separate ourselves from other brands.

Termination of Sponsorship

Part of becoming a sponsored member is about your investment in representing us both in your personal conduct while wearing our merchandise and on social media. Posting photos and videos in a tasteful manner without any illegal activities or discriminating actions. Outside of our love for the car community we here at JUICED. have a responsibility of positive representation and do not condone unbecoming behavior. We hold ourselves to that same expectation and we represent our ambassadors in a respectful manner at all times. That being said we encourage our team to bring any issues to our senior team members so we can conduct a thorough investigation. If we find a team member is displaying behavior unbecoming JUICED. will terminate all association with that individual.

Welcome to the JUICED. sponsorship page and we are glad you are here. Most likely you were referred to our site through one of our awesome brand ambassadors, because you scream automotive enthusiast. Maybe you stumbled across our instagram page @shopjuiced and started checking out some of our merch. Ultimately it doesn't matter what brought you to our sponsor page. The important part is how can you fit in and be part of this family and join the JUICED. movement on a deeper level.


We pride ourselves on offering a different type of approach to sponsoring vehicle and other industry enthusiast. We don't want you to purchase our merchandise and then POOF!! you never hear from us again. The back seat approach to sponsorships is a thing of the past, in today's social media heavy world it's about exposure for a brand and it's team. The support goes both ways and we hope you decide to jump on board with us. Below you'll find basic information about sponsorship requirements as well as benefits. If you decide you want to find out how you fit in and start your journey, contact one of our senior team members and lets get you JUICED.

Sponsorship Contacts

Vic VP: or @Martian_Maro

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